Advanced Practitioners...

The following is a partial list. We are constantly expanding our certified staff through encouraging continued education.

Jeffrey Smith, Owner

Jeffrey SmithABC-Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist and owner who has worked for Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics since 1994. His Certificate in Prosthetics and Orthotics is from Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX.  Jeff is a member of Alpha Eta Allied Health Honors Society, and is involved in all aspects of patient management.

Michael G Bissell, Owner

Michael G BissellABC-Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist and owner who has worked for our company since 1986. His Certificate in Prosthetics & Orthotics is from Century College. Mike is a Fellow of the American Academy of Prosthetics & Orthotics (FAAOP) and is qualified for numerous patented technologies such as Otto Bock's C-Leg, TEC Harmony System, and Pathfinder Foot.

Chris Roura

Chris RouraBOC-Certified Prosthetist who joined our office in 1999. Chris offers superior technical skills that allow optimal assessment, design, and fabrication. He has an interest in the sports-minded Prosthetic patient and addressing the specific needs of individuals requiring custom orthotic devices.

Diana Glover-Campbell

Diana Glover-Campbell ABC-Certified Pedorthist & Masectomy Fitter, and BOC Certified Orthotist. She has a degree in Specialized Technology from Harmarville Technical Institute. Diana began as an orthotic technician, gaining experience in various fabrication settings. She has been working as one of our most valued providers since 1998.

William Paul Morton

William Paul Morton ABC Certified since 2002, Paul is committed to providing the highest standard of care in managing the needs of the Prosthetic patient. In addition to growing up around the industry as a second generation Prosthetist, he has been dedicated to the needs of patients for over ten years. Paul travels to Haiti twice a year to treat people in need of orthotics & prosthetic care.

Noel Hite

Noel HiteProsthetic Certification from Century College. His residency at Ohio Willowood was focused on testing of prosthetic technologies including CAD CAM, suspension systems, knees & feet, and other components designed to improve prosthetic systems. Noel started with our company in 2006 and currently works with several surgeons, attending amputations and applying I.P.O.P.’s. Noel is listed on the Ertl Reconstruction Website.

Robert Tardell

Robbie is an ABC-Certified Fitter of Orthotics and Therapeutic Shoe Fitter. He was an Army National Guard Medical Specialist and on the Salisbury VA’s Medical Exam Team prior to joining our company in 2010.

Kevin Horne

Kevin Horne

ABC-Certified Prosthetist interested in prosthetics as a result of becoming an amputee in 1988. Kevin joined our company in 2002, and strives to help patients because so many have helped him over the years.

Bengt Walker

Bengt WalkerBoard Eligible practitioner who completed the prestigious Orthotic Practitioner program at Northwestern University and began working for our company in early 2010. Bengt held numerous science-related positions prior to his career in orthotics.

Tommy Stevens

Tommy StevensTommy has been employed in the prosthetics and orthotics business for over twenty years.  Early in his career, he utilized orthotics and shoes to treat and protect diabetic feet and legs, deformities and trans-metatarsal amputations. He is experienced in bracing and other orthopedic appliances used to offer support.